Quickly Dispensing With the Claim That Kindle Readers Are Slow

reading on a kindle.jpg
A new study says that people reading books on the Kindle read slower than they do with old-fashioned print. (Oh the humanity!) Participants in Jakob Nielsen's study read an Ernest Hemingway short story and found that reading speed decreased by 10 percent on Amazon's tablet. CNN thinks that universities and businesses might "take less kindly to e-readers if further studies prove that they handicap reading speed." Here's why CNN fails at reading comprehension.

The most important number in Nielsen's study has nothing to do with reading speed. It's 24. As in the amount of participants he used.

And just as you wouldn't take the opinions of two dozen tourists in Pioneer Square as an accurate measure of how President Obama is doing, neither should you take anything significant from how long it takes a similar number of readers to page through "Hills Like White Elephants." (Spoiler alert: He wants her to get an abortion.)

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