Pete Carroll Picked a Great Time to Go on a Book Tour

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll wants you to buy his book. It's called "Win Forever: Live, Work, and Play Like a Champion." And according to its front-jacket blurb, it's partly about how Carroll teaches his players to "always act as if the whole world is watching." Which is ironic considering that last month the whole world found out that that's exactly the opposite of how one of his players did act.

A month ago, the NCAA levied a two-year post-season suspension on Carroll's former team, the USC Trojans. Although the report indicted USC's entire sports culture, and took down with it both its men's basketball and women's tennis squads, it was Carroll's football team that suffered the highest fall from grace.

reggie bush and car.jpg
Reggie Bush didn't get this car (or girl) until after he left USC. But the one he had in college was pretty nice too.
According to the investigation, former Heisman trophy winner Reggie Bush accepted gifts from an agent-wannabe including a rent-free house for his parents and a pimped-out Impala for rides around campus.

What was Carroll's reaction to all this malfeasance? He said he was "absolutely shocked," was "not aware of what was going on" and was "more surprised than most people."

Not what you want to hear from a supposed leader of men. And the guy paid to know everything about his players, down to the blood type of the last groupie they slept with.

As Art Thiel wrote at the time, "Carroll went so far out of his way to deny any culpability surrounding the freebies given the family of Trojans star Reggie Bush, that he sounded foolish."

But whereas Carroll was ignorant a month ago when it suited his needs, he's now peddling a book that promises to reveal the secrets of his coaching omniscience.

He's everywhere all at once. And for only $25.95, you too can learn how to create a "culture of winning" like Carroll.

Just don't ask him how he failed to notice that his star running back was driving a car worth more than his. That's not in the book.

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