Sen. Pam Roach Vs. 'A Really Bad Man'

State Sen. Pam Roach may have been accused of being "crazy," "unhinged" and "bipolar or something," but at least she's not Not Qualified. She's - ta-tah! - Adequate, according to the King County Municipal League ratings released Monday.

But then, her near-but-not-the-bottom ranking was helped along by her boycott of the Muni League's candidate interviews - and for a good reason, she says on her blog this week.

I won't spend time going into it. But, part of my theory after watching the group is that they will give a great rating to a Republican only if that Republican is already the projected winner. They will never give a Republican a great rating if there is a tough opponent.

That's got to be somewhat encouraging to her 31st District primary opponent Matt Richardson, a legislative newcomer and 9th grade teacher who got a "good" rating, and, for that matter, to Democrats Ron Weigelt ("good") and Ray Bunk ("very good").

What does Roach personally think of Richardson? Well, you know how hard it is to pry an opinion out of Pam. But in a blog note to her grandson, telling him she was busy on the campaign trail, Roach let this slip out:

"I am trying to protect people from a really bad man running for office."

She was also busy, she added, "being everybody's punching bag." For that effort, she has clearly earned an Outstanding!

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