Nanette Aurdal Awarded $2.7 Million For Driving Into Dead Horse

dead horse.jpg
Nanette Aurdal was driving on a rural Jefferson County road when she hit something with her car. The 36-year-old went airborne and suffered severe whiplash upon landing. Only then did she see what her car had struck: a large, dead, black horse lying in the middle of the road.

Aurdal's attorney successfully argued that, minutes before his client hit the carcass, a Sprint employee driving a company van had hit and killed the horse, then fled the scene. The accident left Aurdal with intense pain that could only be lessened by a medication pump implanted near her spine.

On Friday a Jefferson County jury awarded Aurdal $2.7 million for the nearly decade-old crash to be paid by the driver and Sprint.

"We didn't know what the long-term outcome was going to be until many years down the road," Aurdal's lawyer told the AP. "After nine years, no one is guessing as to what the long-term outcome is."

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