Mel Gibson Adds "Racist" And "Lady Beater" to His Resume

(Since you're all going to be hitting the road early tomorrow, here's an extra, early hit of Daily Dategirl for your weekend.)

Remember when we all liked Mel Gibson? He was so charming in the Lethal Weapons. So courageous in Braveheart. Then one drunken night, it all turned to shit with the "Sugar Tits" incident. Today it got even worse.

Not only is the baby-mama of his eighth kid, Oksana Grigorieva, alleging that Mel got handsy with her, knocking out a few of her teeth and giving her a concussion, she has tapes of the 54-year-old charmer lobbing N-bombs and C-words in her direction. "You look like a f***ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault," he reportedly said.

Now maybe if he'd only beaten up his girlfriend his career could survive (and possibly thrive). I mean, look at Charlie Sheen--he's a vile, drug-abusing, wife-beating, piece of shit who also happens to be the highest paid actor on television. And sure, Chris Brown's career took a hit when he smacked the crap out of Rhianna, but there he was the other night at the BET awards, crying crocodile tears over "The Man in the Mirror."

But can Gibson's career survive his latest episode of verbal diarrhea? He's allegedly sober, so how's he going to explain these tapes away? More importantly, does this mean Mel wasn't--gasp!--sincere when he apologized over the whole "Jews" debacle?

I think Mel Gibson's only hope is Racism Rehab. America loves a comeback, so that's probably his only hope. Paging Dr. Drew!

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