Gregory Edison Accused of Trying to Sell Six-Month-Old Daughter on Craigslist

Back in April, Spokane police discovered that the person behind a hoax ad on Craigslist offering a child for sale was a bored teenager. Now police say they've encountered something similar in the case of Gregory Edison. The only difference is that according to the cops, Edison wasn't kidding around when he offered his six-month-old daughter to the highest bidder.

Edison posted the ad on Monday, but it was taken down within the hour by Craigslist. In it, the 44-year-old father of two included a picture of his infant and wrote:

We don't get along. She won't let me feed her or hold her. She cries from the time she wakes up til the time she goes to bed. She lets my friends male or female hold and feed her. Her and her mom are always fussin'. We had a 4 hour standoff just to get her to take the bottle from me. She will be on the porch waiting on you...LOL.
A Spokane resident tipped off a TV station to the ad. Now the cops want prosecutors to charge Edison with attempted child selling, a felony that would add to his already impressive record of convictions, including first-degree robbery, fourth-degree assault and a drug charge.
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