Fleeing Drug Suspects Run Directly Into Drug-Sniffing Dogs

drug sniffing dog.jpg
The cops from Fife, Wa. were supposed to be on an anti-prostitution sting. But then they noticed a man in a truck stop parking lot emerge from behind some bushes with three large duffel bags. They watched him put the bags in the trunk of a car as another man sat behind the wheel. When the officers pulled up for a chat the men took off.

The suspects led police on a high-speed chase through downtown that finally ended when they made the mistake of turning down a dead-end road.

Rather than give up, they ran instead. That's when they made their second mistake.

Because there, at the end of the road, were 15 other officers and their 15 drug-sniffing dogs. The suspects hadn't just turned down a dead-end road. They'd also turned down the one dead-end road in Fife that was home to a monthly K-9 training session.

Realizing they were hopelessly out-manned, the two suspects surrendered, thus making their first good decision of the day. Then they watched as the dogs went nuts around their car; understandable since sitting inside those duffel bags was 95 pounds of cocaine, a haul with a street value of $1.2 million.

"Bad day for them. Good day for us," said one of the lieutenants on the scene. No kidding.

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