Did Boeing Download 100 Million Facebook Profiles?

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Some guy who knows a lot more about computers than you created a program that scooped up all the info you made public on your Facebook profile into one huge file. Then a bunch of corporations downloaded that information. Including Boeing.

As Gizmodo reports, using a little bit of tracing software, another guy who knows a lot more about computers than you managed to track which companies downloaded that huge file. Among the dozens of recognizable names (including Disney and the Church of Scientology) was our favorite local plane manufacturer. (Who has thus far failed to return a call for comment.)

So what could Boeing be doing with all those status updates and artistic shots of an empty dock you took when you went to that lake house last summer? Hell if I know. But there's one giant caveat here, lest you automatically assume its intentions are nefarious: the tracing software can only tell you the location of the person downloading the file, not who they are or whether or not they're under orders from someone in an official capacity.

So while your first instinct may be to turn into a rambling Mel Gibson from Conspiracy Theory (or, ya know, Mel Gibson from one of his voicemails) keep in mind it's just as likely that Henry from IT was bored and wanted to look at some half-naked teenage girls. Which, come to think of it, is just as creepy.

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