Colton Harris-Moore Is in the Bahamas?

colton harris moore in the bahamas.JPG
Someone in Indiana is missing a Cessna. And someone in the Bahamas just noticed a small plane wash up off shore. If you're thinking that these two incidents, separated as they are by thousands of miles, are somehow connected, and somehow related to Barefoot Bandit Colton Harris-Moore's cross-country crime-spree then congratulations: you've been paying attention.

Police in Indiana and Iowa had suspected Harris-Moore in a series of break-ins at airports last month. This coming shortly after he was confirmed as a suspect in a number of car thefts and burglaries in South Dakota and Nebraska.

Daily Weekly hired an expert sketch artist to give readers an idea of what Harris-Moore might look like should he actually end up in the Caribbean. We're now in the process of trying to get our money back.

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