If Yard Signs Could Vote, Clint Didier Would Be Running Away With the Senate Race

Do yard signs vote? No. But the people who hammer them into the earth or hang them from their homes sure do. And as I witnessed on a Fourth of July weekend journey from Seattle to Walla Walla, the only U.S. Senate candidate who seems to have any--and he's got a lot--is Tea Partier Clint Didier.

When two-time statewide loser Dino Rossi made his belated entry into the Republican primary field, everyone assumed footballer-cum-farmer Didier's bid was destined for Dudsville. But after rolling strong to Walla Walla in my father's bright blue Nissam Maxima (my '82 Corolla would have overheated), and seeing Didier sign after Didier sign on family farm after family farm, I'm not so sure.

Trash Sarah Palin and her iffy endorsement record all you want, but her support at this point can only help a supposed longshot like Clint. His '70s porn star looks won't hurt either. I'll bet he has a really hairy chest too.

In other words, Rossi had better not count his chickens, as the people who actually own chickens seem to be firmly in Clint's corner.

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