Boeing's Phantom Eye: The Chunkiest Spy Plane in the World

chunky bar.jpg
There's something, let's say, different about Boeing's newest unmanned spy plane, the Phantom Eye. I want to be careful how I put this, because I don't want to give the hydrogen-powered aircraft any body-image issues. God knows its got enough on its plate (no pun intended) just taking stealthy video of jihadi training facilities without getting shot down. But, um, yeah: that thing be fat.

phantom eye.jpg
Hey there, chubbo.

As gadget blog Gizmodo puts it, the "corpulent" Phantom Eye is actually lightweight when it comes to power: it only uses two, four-cylinder engines, which total about 300 horsepower, otherwise known as about how much you'd get from a V6 Honda Accord.

Yet somehow, the plane is able to fly at 65,000 feet, at 170 miles per hour for four days while only producing water as a byproduct. Making it one of the greenest birds out there.

Not too bad for a fat kid! (Whoops.)

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