Bob Davis, Would-Be Strip King, Tries Again

When we last left Bob Davis, he was making large amounts of money by trying, and failing, to become a nude-dance club owner. Now, reports the P-I, he has applied for a cabaret license to take over the late Frank Colacurcio's shuttered strip club Rick's in Lake City. With any kind of luck, Davis will be turned down so he can again fall backasswards into money.

Davis made his small fortune, $850,000, suing the cities of Seattle and Bothell for refusing to give him strip-club licenses; he's also responsible for the lawsuit that forced City Hall to lift its moritorium in 2007 on new downtown clubs. After paying his attorneys, he planned to cash in further with a club of his own - and still might, if the law will let him.

His plan to convert Cyndy's, the Aurora Ave. pancake house, to a nudie club has been opposed by neighbors. He has looked at several other locations, so far to no avail. And his hopes of taking over Rick's also hinge on getting around another neighborhood-opposition hurdle as well as becoming the successful bidder when the property is auctioned by the feds.

Davis, who once operated Giggles Comedy Club and the Urban Comedy Cafe, helped millionaire nudie impresario Roger Forbes get a couple of his new Deja Vu clubs going here and sees the closure of the Colacurcio strip clubs as a prime opportunity - as it has apparently become for others.

Forbes' Lake City club, a few miles from Rick's, is picking up Frank's former customers; other clubs are seeing a, yes, rise in attendance, while a number of new clubs have (or will) open in the hinterlands, including Renton and Navy town Oak Harbor. Davis wants in.

As he explained earlier, despite getting flush from his lawsuits, "I'd much rather have been allowed to open a club years ago than have to go to court. I'd have made a lot more money."

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