Alex Rodriguez Spent $1,500 on White Denim at J.Crew?

arod on letterman.jpg
Alex Rodriguez had a busy weekend. The New York Yankees' third-baseman drove in the winning run against his old team on Friday night. He was greeted with boos and derisively tossed dollar bills at Safeco Field throughout the series. And, according to some random person on Twitter, he finished off his weekend like all of us do: by spending a small fortune on white jeans.

arod white denim.jpg
Sure it's a baseless rumor designed to embarrass a professional athlete offered up to the world by a Mariners fan still bitter that he left. But c'mon, it's AROD. He dates women who can bench as much as he can.

arod with muscular woman.jpg

He kisses his own reflection in photo shoots for "Details" magazine.

arod kissing his reflection.jpg

Of COURSE he wears white jeans. Wink wink nudge nudge ELBOW ELBOW. (For those still not up to speed, we're implying that he's gay. There. You happy?)

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