Who Cares That the Tunnel Doesn't Have Any Downtown Exit Ramps?

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No exits downtown means this guy isn't blocking your view of Elliott Bay.
In a post entitled "No Exit," Goldy at HorsesAss says that the deep-bore tunnel designed to replace downtown's Alaskan Way Viaduct won't have any exit or on-ramps.

This is old news. Very old news.

The tunnel is meant to bypass the city, as was the viaduct -- the highway's one downtown exit and entrance were added later.

What's worse, Goldy uses this stale revelation to come to an erroneous conclusion. (The shouting bold and nudging italics are his, not mine.)

Did you hear that folks? No exits or onramps! This is a tunnel explicitly designed not to serve downtown Seattle, but rather folks seeking to drive through it...In fact, the only people who will benefit from the tunnel over the surface/transit option will be those seeking to drive through downtown Seattle without being slowed down by the street traffic above.
Not serve downtown? Get a grip, Goldy.

If your idea of "serving" downtown is a Boeing engineer from Shoreline renewing his library card mid-commute, then yes, the tunnel is a total failure. But that wasn't the point anyway.

In exchange for the costlier tunnel option, Seattle gets a downtown primed for developers salivating at the thought of waterfront views that don't include broken down Civics and crumbling concrete. The state didn't reject the less expensive surface/transit option in favor of the tunnel just so it could "better meet the needs of the thru-traffic driving on it." It did that for us too. Exits or not.

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