USC Gets Two-Year Postseason Ban, Pete Carroll Got Out Just In Time

pete carroll seahawks.jpg
When Pete Carroll left USC to come coach the Seattle Seahawks, the general impression was that he had barely escaped a house set to implode. The NCAA had been conducting an investigation of the Trojans for four years. An almost endless peek into shady recruiting habits finally came to an end last night, confirming that Carroll was smart to leave LaLa Land.

According to sources who have seen the sanctions, USC is facing a two-year postseason ban and a significant amount of lost scholarships. The NCAA would also very much like everyone to forget about a couple of the Trojans' wins in 2004.

Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush is at the center of the controversy. The former running back's parents allegedly lived rent-free in a house paid for by one of the hundred and one (million) corrupt and unctuous agent-marketer-handler hydras that stalk collegiate athletes like the juicy prey they are.

It's kind of fitting that the same week Carroll's old team got a cold dose of reality, he faced his first real disciplinary challenge in the NFL. Just kidding. His wide receiver just got drunk and stole a couple donuts. Everyone thought it was hilarious.

Good move, Pete!

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