Tea Party Supporters Hate Gay Marriage (Duh)

Teabaggers would prefer you not bring "Sesame Street" into this.
After months of careful study and excavation, the nation's best political anthropologists have discovered that Tea Party supporters are, by and large, older, richer, whiter and more conservative than your average American. And guess what? That kind of person doesn't think gays should marry.

Money, not social issues, have been the primary drivers of the Tea Party movement. But a new poll released this morning by University of Washington political scientists shows that only 18-percent of those who consider themselves Tea Party "true believers" think that gay and lesbian couples should be given the right to marry.

Paradoxically, over half of those same true believers said that gays and lesbians wield too much influence for the relative size of their respective groups. Which only makes sense if you willfully choose to ignore reality and...oh, I get it.

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