Steve Sarkisian Shouldn't Have to Give Up Money to Keep an Employee

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Spare some change, coach?
According to the P-I's Jim Moore, the University of Washington has a problem: it's just let go of the best sports information director its ever had. Budget cuts forced UW to lay off Richard Kilwien, who'd been with the Huskies for the past four years.

Getting a pink slip in the middle of a recession is rough. Especially when you're a family man like Kilwien, with a wife, a kid and a mortgage.

But Moore's suggestion for how to save his fave SID's job is like asking Washington to cut off its nose to spite its face: he wants head coach Steve Sarkisian and defensive coordinator Nick Holt to take 10-percent pay cuts in order to rehire Kilwien and two others in the athletic department.

Moore's solution would certainly play well with media guys like him. No major football coach in America has sacrificed his car payments for the guy who screens his calls.

But it would also probably lead to even more lay-offs.

As Moore himself admits, the budget squeeze that forced UW to let go of Kilwien came about because the Huskies weren't performing on the field.

Football is the biggest revenue source for every major college program. Without a winning product, the entire school's bottom line suffers. See: the 17 employees laid off last year and the elimination of both men's and women's swimming teams.

How do you win football games? You attract the best coaching talent. How do you do that? You fill a dump truck with money and back it up to their front door.

Conversely, how do you keep said talent? Well, that's a little more complicated. But I'm pretty sure nowhere in the handbook does it say "force 'em to give back some of that dump truck money you offered."

Asking Sark and Holt to forego a little cash in order to save the job of a sterling employee would be wonderful human interest fodder. But it wouldn't do a damn thing for the Huskies', both on and off the field.

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