Starbucks Opens First Location on New York Stock Exchange Trading Floor

new york stock exchange trading floor.jpg
Imagine how much more chaotic things will be when they're all holding frappucinos.
Everyone has seen b-roll footage of the New York Stock Exchange trading floor. There are generally a lot of men -- always men -- in multi-colored vests, waving their arms and shouting at each other in a language that doesn't look human.

Now those same men are getting a Starbucks. Before, there only option for food or drink was a cafeteria in the basement. But with progress comes trade-offs, reports Marketplace.

The current location of the Starbucks is replacing an area of the stock exchange that was affectionately referred to as "Jurassic Park." And the reason it was called Jurassic Park was that it was an area with four or five seats where the senior members could basically sit down -- which was right adjacent to one of the few men's rooms on the trading floor -- where you could sit and just catch your breath. So now Jurassic Park has evolved into a Starbucks, and I guess maybe because most of the old members have since long gone, except for myself and just a few others, we will obviously no longer have a place to sit. But we will be able to drink coffee standing up if we like.
Because that's what these guys need: more caffeine.
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