Someone's Mailing White Powder to Government Buildings

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Around lunchtime today an employee at the IRS's Bellevue office opened an envelope and watched as white powder fell out. Shortly thereafter the same scenario repeated itself at three other government buildings: the federal courthouse in Seattle, an FBI office in Spokane and the U.S. Attorney's office in Boise. So time to panic? Probably not.

The substance in question has already been tested and found not to be hazardous. A couple employees exposed to it were hospitalized, but only one said she had symptoms. A woman at the IRS office who later complained of a scratchy throat which, given that it's allergy season, could mean anything.

The FBI isn't saying whether or not all the incidences are related. But an agent told KOMO that "logic would suggest there could be a relationship."

Logic also suggests that this is just the work of some shitheel who gets off on causing a disruption. Witness the work of Blake Howe, who just last week was arrested after sending South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint an envelope filled with a suspicious white powder that turned out to be baking soda.

Anthrax is, of course, the real concern here. But anthrax is also not exactly easy to obtain. Especially for people whose natural response to an irrational hatred of the government is to pull some really passive-aggressive prank that does no more damage than a fake fire drill.

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