Sharla Fisher Goes Missing After Leaving to Buy Father's Day Gift

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Sharla Fisher just wanted to get her dad a Father's Day gift. Fisher is 25, but mental disabilities mean she only reads at a first-grade level. Her mom was concerned when her daughter moved out of their house three months ago. "We were very protective," she told the Tacoma News-Tribune. "She didn't have the same kind of rules at (her sister-in-law's) that she had with us." Thursday afternoon, her worst fears for her daughter were confirmed.

That's when the Puyallup woman left her new home intending to buy a present at the nearby South Hill Mall. Before she left she called her mom to ask what kind of cologne her father wore. She hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Fisher didn't take her cell phone with her. Police are concerned because they say Sharla has the verbal ability of a 12-year-old and could have easily been tricked.

"Fisher has a diminished mental capacity and may be susceptible to a ruse or luring situation," said Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer.

Fisher is 5'6'' and 140 pounds with short, dark-brown hair. She was last seen wearing a gray Seattle Seahawks sweatshirt and jeans.

"I am seriously concerned," her mom told the Tribune. "I keep feeling if tomorrow comes and goes, and she misses Father's Day, something really is wrong."

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