Seattle's Weird Hatred of Skybridges

Skybridges. You know them. You love them. Or you mostly don't notice them at all? (Yeah, that seems about right.)

But the airborne-building-connectors haven't gone unnoticed by Seattle politicians. They hate the damn things! So much so that they're trying to tax them out of existence (or so says The Times). So here now, a quickie evolution of (and explanation for) Seattle's weird hatred of skybridges.

Councilmember Jean Godden: You take down that skybridge right now, young man, or she'll turn this city around.
1982: City council passes ordinance ordinance to "eliminate the proliferation and adverse effects" of skybridges. The argument: they take people off the sidewalks, obstruct views and block out the sun. Nonetheless, skybridges continue to proliferate, thus doubly revealing the inadequacy of both the council and its ordinances in one fail swoop.

1995: In a screed against the downtown Nordstrom skybridge, Councilmember Jean Godden, then writing for The Times, warns against the "Minneapolization" of Seattle. Thus marking the first, and last, time any columnist cautioned their city that, should it continue down its chosen path, it might suffer the horror of ending up like a nice Midwestern town run by well-meaning Scandoids.

2000: Councilmembers Nick Licata and Peter Steinbrueck voice such virulent opposition to the skybridges that would come with a convention center expansion that they nearly derail the project. Arguing that the skybridges will block views of historic Pike Place Market, they fail to account for the fact that they're made out of glass, and thus provide fucking gorgeous views so long as you're actually in the convention center.

Today: City recalculates skybridge permit fees. Councilmember Godden rejoices: "What a skybridge does is it takes people off of the right of way and puts them up in the air, and leaves usually the people who aren't good enough to go in the buildings down below."

Last time I checked, you didn't need a Platinum card to go to the Macy's parking lot.

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