Rush Limbaugh Married By Anti-Gay Pastor Ken Hutcherson

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Bigoted beached whale Rush Limbaugh famously paid Elton John, the man who invented homosexuality, $1 million to perform at his wedding last month. So how did Limbaugh balance the yang of Elton's crocodile rocking with the ying of his own despicable personal beliefs? By getting Ken Hutcherson -- ex-Dallas Cowboy's linebacker and current anti-gay pastor at Antioch Pastor Church in Kirkland -- to preside over the nuptials.

Ken Hutcherson, a.k.a. the Hutch: not the only black guy at Rush Limbaugh's wedding.
Hutcherson was one of the leading faces in the campaign to reject R-71, the ballot measure that gave domestic partners the same legal status as married couples. He told SW's Chris Kornelis on election night that "every state, every country, every nation that has passed these laws, marriage has suffered, families have suffered."

Limbaugh unintentionally explained his motivation for having an openly gay rock star play and a black preacher officiate this, his fourth wedding, on the first show after his ceremony.

One of the guests came up to me the next morning in the hotel, we were having breakfast, "You know, you just blow everybody away. Here you are married by an African-American preacher, you're serenaded by an openly gay popular music icon, and they say you're the bigot."
Hear that America! It was you who was the bigot all along!

Hutcherson, or "the Hutch" as Limbaugh calls him, also made a funny joke.

And, meanwhile, the Hutch said, "You know, these rings are a token, and there's three tokens up here 'cause I'm one of them." (laughing) He said, "I'm the only black guy here that hasn't been paid to be here," which was not true. (laughing)
The mark of a truly non-bigoted person: when they have to explain to their audience that the black guy they paid to be at their wedding is just joking when he says he's the only one. Congratulations, Rush!
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