Roy Alloway, Notorious Drug Cop, Gets Flattering Send Off from Kitsap Sun

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John Keatley
Steve Sarich bestowed a special honor on Alloway.
Roy Alloway, a Bremerton drug cop so notorious for his aggressive tactics that medical marijuana bad boy Steve Sarich named a strain of pot after him (see last week's cover at right), is retiring this month, a flattering profile in the Kitsap Sun reports.

The profile pays tribute to Alloway's 32-year career in law enforcement, the last 10 of which he worked on a regional drug task force called WestNet. The Sun story portrays him as a "gruff" but loveable character, with a "dry sense of humor, a gift for shooting the breeze" and a knack for "attention to detail" that nabbed the bad guys.

But medical marijuana advocates see him as a cop determined to lock up even legal users of pot, trashing houses and intimidating their occupants in the process. Witness last month's raid by Alloway and other WestNet members of a Tacoma home linked to a medical-marijuana dispensary called North End Club 420.

According to a mom who lived at the house, the officers handcuffed her 14-year-old son, took money kept in the Mickey Mouse purse of her nine-year-old daughter and seemed to take a special glee in announcing that their dad was going to jail because he was a "drug dealer."

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