Police Taser Man Having Sex On His Lawn

Public sex comes with its fair share of complications, hence the thrill. You might be seen.

You might mistake a patch of poison ivy for a harmless shrub. Or, if you're like one particularly amorous couple in Olympia, your night of alfresco lovemaking might result in a trip to jail and a painful shocking sensation.

On Monday night, a Thurston County deputy was called to a home after neighbors complained of loud music. When he arrived, the cop found a man and woman naked in the front yard, zoinking in the zoysia.

When the deputy approached the woman screamed and ran. Which is the proper response when an officer of the law interrupts you mid-coitus.

The man, however, was less impressed. Still naked, he started yelling at the cop who'd interrupted Romance Time.

The man advanced on the cop. But lacking any weapons, or pockets to hide them in, he was easily overtaken with two shots from a Taser and put under arrest for third-degree assault.

Thus bringing to an end the most complicated, painful and costly role-playing session in the history of fantasy sex.

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