Philip Kingery Claims He Murdered Wife Because of Starbucks Addiction

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Philip Kingery tried to use a coffee habit to excuse murder.
Philip Kingery wanted to reconnect with a daughter he'd had before marriage. His wife Rose wasn't so sure it was a good idea.

Kingery told one of his other kids that he was tired of their mom "telling him who he could associate with." So the 48-year-old shot and killed Rose then stuffed her body in a barrel inside a shed near their home in Hardy, Virginia.

Kingery then fled. He drove cross country, sending text messages to friends and family from both his and Rose's phone to make it look like the two were on vacation.

But a week after the murder Kingery ran out of gas and money while in Missouri. He turned himself in to police and handed them the key that opened up the shed.

At his trial, Kingery's lawyer tried to argue that his client had "severe health issues." But the only evidence he could offer was an addiction to Starbucks and a prescription drug Kingery had been taking to fight a sinus infection.

In other words, according to Kingery's lawyer, we're all one iced latte and a head cold away from offing our spouse.

Fortunately for fans of justice, the judge didn't buy the excuse. Kingery pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree murder and now faces 25 years in jail.

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