Neodandi Leaves Seattle for New York

It's not surprising to see self-styled fashion guru and one-time SW coverboy Niilartey De Osu tweeting from New York City. He and his staff have made many a trip to the Big Apple to suss out new retail space for Neodandi, his personal fashion line. But based on the sudden appearance of a "For Lease" sign in in the windows of his downtown showroom, it doesn't appear as though De Osu will be making the trip back.

Messages left with the company that leases the Seattle space weren't returned. But the shop phone number has been disconnected. And an announcement on Neodandi's Facebook fan page confirms it, the original Pioneer Square location will be closing at end of this week.

It's a bit jarring, given how big a game De Osu and company have talked about establishing Seattle as a center for fashion, with Neodandi as its beating, dandified heart. But as we found out, De Osu has long-eyed a move to New York. Earlier this year, his business manager cum fiancee Ullie De Osu called moving to New York the "logical next step."

Now, not even one year after opening, it looks as if Neodandi will be transferring its operations to New York. Perhaps for good. Neither De Osu or members of his staff have responded to calls for comment. According to the announcement, De Osu and company have secured a new retail space at Wooster and Grand in the heart of tony Soho.

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