Lindsey Baum Is Still Missing, but Thanks to Her One Runaway No Longer Is

lindsey baum.jpg
The people gathered at Olympia's Heritage Park on Saturday were there to call more attention to the disappearance of Lindsey Baum (pictured at right), the 11-year-old who vanished last June while walking home from a friend's house. But while the McCreary girl remains missing, thanks to her one runaway no longer is.

During the Baum media event, a parent spotted a 15-year-old girl wandering around the park who looked to be homeless. According to the Washington State Patrol, the parent offered the girl a meal and she told the parent she was a runaway. The parent then alerted a trooper.

After giving a false name to police, the girl eventually gave her real one. When her father was called, the Kitsap County man confirmed that his daughter was missing.

The girl was released to a relative with permission from her father. She had been gone from home for about a month.

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