Kristian Horman, Kyron Horman's Uncle, Jailed for Child Molestation

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The case of Kyron Horman, the Portland second-grader who went missing almost three weeks ago, just got weirder. As of this weekend, Kristian Horman, Kyron's paternal uncle, started a six-month sentence in Snohomish County jail for child molestation. Last October, the 32-year-old Horman (pictured at right) had a sleepover with a 14-year-old relative at his home in Bothell.

Horman lives with his girlfriend and one-year-old son. But she was out of town the night his teenage relative stayed over. So Horman suggested they share a bed.

As if that weren't strange enough, the teen then asked him to work a kink out of her shoulder. After she drifted off to sleep, she claimed Horman continued to get handsy, although this time not in the interest of deep tissue massage.

Horman apologized and told the girl he was just groping her because he'd been dreaming of his girlfriend--ya know, the one he's actually supposed to sleep next to.

The girl wasn't buying it. She called her mom and last week Horman was convicted of third-degree child molestation.

With Kyron missing and his stepmother the focus of the investigation, there was some natural speculation that Horman might have been involved. But his lawyer says it's all just a matter of really bad timing.

"It's a tragic coincidence that there was a sentencing at the same time," she told the Oregonian.

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