Kevin Williams Accused of Blowing Up His Own Mailbox in Weirdest Scam Ever

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Kevin Williams' bid for the Weirdest Scam Artist Lifetime Achievement Award began three years ago. That's when the Olympia man was nearly killed by a pipebomb in his mailbox. "I can't hear out of my right ear right now, and the vision in my right eye is blurred," Williams told KIRO in 2007, after a neighbor found him on the ground unconscious. Now, Williams is in federal court defending himself against charges that he planted the bomb in a bizarre effort to swindle a group of fraud victims on the other side of the country.

The case against Williams is end-of-"Crying Games" weird. So for the next few paragraphs, set your disbelief knob to "suspend."

According to court documents, Williams contacted some Atlantans who'd been bilked out of their money in an investment scam. How Williams ended up inserting himself in the situation is unclear.

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Kevin Williams allegedly planted a pipe bomb in his own mailbox in an effort to convince others he was worth killing.
What is clear, though, is that he allegedly saw an opportunity to further victimize the poor saps who'd already lost their cash.

Williams claimed to have information that could help them and the FBI build a case against the scammers who'd made off with their money. In return he asked for $250,000.

Williams' initial offer must not have been met with a resounding "yes." Because according to the government, he felt the need to prove to the victims that he was a man with information so explosive that others would want him dead. Hence the pipe bomb in the mailbox.

But then, things got even weirder.

When the bomb ruse failed to convince the fraud victims that Williams was legit -- dupes or not, you gotta give them credit for seeing this guy for the nut that he is -- he turned vigilante on them. Allegedly threatening to come to Atlanta, where he would "dress like a priest, carry a cane-gun that would shoot shotgun shells and kill someone."

What's weirder: this is what he actually did.

Prosecutors say Williams was captured in Atlanta in a "van loaded with firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, a fuse, blasting caps, rocket motors, surveillance equipment and a cane gun."

Yep, when Kevin Williams tells you he's bringing the cane gun, best believe Kevin Williams BRINGS THAT CANE GUN.

Williams has plead not-guilty to the multiple counts of fraud he's facing. If convicted, he could spend up to 10 years in jail where, sources tell us, he's already a shoo-in for that award.

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