Jim McDermott v. Rush Limbaugh - Brawl of the Week

When he isn't getting hitched for the fourth time by the anti-gay-rights crusading preacher Ken Hutcherson, Rush Limbaugh spends his time telling his listeners that Obama is the commie puppet of nefarious America-haters. Last week AOL reported that a record number of kids now depend on schools for free or cheap lunches, which they will lose when the summer break starts. Limbaugh helpfully noted, "There's always the neighborhood dumpster."

Rep. Jim McDermott didn't take kindly to Limbaugh's comment, launching a war of words that played out on CSPAN and radio waves this week. Here's who landed the best blows:

Jim McDermott:

* Rush is a fattie. McDermott rose during the one-minute floor speeches that open each day in Congress to say: "Ask yourself, when is the last time that Rush Limbaugh missed a meal? Take a look. You judge for yourself."

Rush Limbaugh:

* I know you are, but what am I. On his show the same day, Limbaugh said it is liberals like McDermott that have been advocating dumpster diving for poor people. "Homeless advocates actually produced a video for homeless people to healthfully, quote, unquote, dumpster dive. This is a leftist idea, Baghdad Jim. It's not mine. I'm just trying to bring it forward and make it relevant to 2010."

* Bonus jab: McDermott is a terrorist sympathizer. Limbaugh spent the show primarily referring to McDermott as "Baghdad Jim." McDermott picked up the derisive moniker after a controversial 2002 trip to Iraq, which may have been paid for by Saddam Hussein's regime. On his return, McDermott insisted that no weapons of mass destruction would be found there. (Which, of course, they weren't.)

Odds-on Favorite:

The line in Vegas is 500 - 1 Limbaugh comes out looking like a bloviating, callous asshole. But since he's built his career on being perceived that way, maintaining the rep is only going to ensure he has the money to hire the entire cast of Glee to perform at his reception the next time he gets hitched.

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