Jason Phillips, Mariners' Bullpen Catcher, Marrying Woman He Spotted in Stands

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Tired of debating who was wrong in this week's infamous cop-punch video? Then allow us to tell you a simple love story. Our hero is Jason Phillips (pictured at right). A man who when asked what he does for a living probably says "major league baseball player," then hopes the other person doesn't have a follow-up question.

Phillips is the Mariners' bullpen catcher. Which means he doesn't make many highlight reels.

As Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times tells it, Phillips was in the bullpen last May during a game when he spotted a pretty lady in the stands. He told himself and his teammates that if the game went into extra innings he'd make his move.

Sure enough, the game obliged. Phillips scribbled down his name and number on a baseball, tossed it to the woman, then had to wait through an excruciating 15 innings to see if she'd left him a message.

When he got to clubhouse, he found a text that said, "My name is Molly. Nice to meet you."

Molly is, for now, Molly Ray, a hotel executive who, like Phillips, is divorced with kids. After Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Reds, she and Phillips are going to get hitched in a small ceremony in, you guessed it, the Mariners' bullpen.

Lady issues blog Jezebel suggests that the Lifetime original movie version of the Phillips-Ray romance would be entitled Nice Catch. But I'm partial to Ahead in the Count myself.

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