India Outsourcing Its Storms to Seattle

indian call center.jpg
Why couldn't she be what gets sent to us?
Seattle may get half of all of its expected June rainfaill by the end of the week thanks to a storm with origins in India. According to KOMO weatherman Scott Sistek, the squall set to soak our city tonight began as Cyclone Laila in the almost-coastal town of Bapatla.
Now, that doesn't mean it's still a Cyclone/Hurricane (Cyclones are just the names for hurricanes that occur in the Indian Ocean) -- we're not expecting major winds with this event -- but typically some of our wettest storms around here have been from remnants of past cyclones or typhoons in the western Pacific Ocean (or, in this case, the Indian Ocean.)
If you're keeping score at home, this means that our outsourcing contributions to India (outsourcing jobs) are far better than the ones coming back to us (shitty weather).

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