Guantanamo Bay's Very Expensive Starbucks

guantanamo bay prisoner.jpg
Not pictured: the fine mocha selection.
Human rights groups and government-waste watchers got very giddy yesterday when The Washington Post published the first-ever look at the ledgers of torturey Guantanamo Bay.

Costs always run high when America has to export strip-mall living to a country far, far away. But even by Army standards, some of the spending seems a little out of whack.

Since 2001, the government has spent over $500 million to suburbanize the Bay. A figure that doesn't include the $150 million per year it costs to operate the facility.

What does that money buy?

For $249,000 the Pentagon built an abandoned volleyball court. It spent another $300,000 on an unused go-kart track And it used nearly $2 million to renovate two buildings; one that sells Starbucks and the other that serves as one of those KFC/Taco Bell combos.

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