Frank Colacurcio Jr. Gets 1 Year; Stripper King Dad Continues to Seek Dismissal of Charges

Federal prosecutors and accused racketeer Frank Colacurcio Jr. have agreed to a plea-bargain deal and a 366-day prison sentence for Frankie, the government said today, while father Frank Colacurcio Sr. pursues dismissal of similar charges against him.

As Seattle Weekly first reported last year, the Justice Department and the Colacurcios have been talking plea deals from the get-go.

Just last week, on his 93rd birthday, Frank asked the federal court to dismiss the criminal conspiracy and racketeering charges that could send him to prison for his eighth felony.

He suffers from the debilities of old age and has filed sealed documents detailing his medical ailments. He is being cared for at his Sheridan Park home by his ex-wife Jackie. He has experienced heart problems in the past and suffered from a condition that can lead to blood clotting. A prison term in the case is unlikely, insiders say.

Perhaps Seattle's most infamous and durable crime figure, Colacurcio Sr. was called a mobster by future U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy in the '50s and Mayor Greg Nickels a half-century later.

Colacurcio, who has been to prison five times since the 1940s, was some kind of godfather, the mayor indicated in 2006, though not necessarily mafioso. "I believe that there is organized crime involved in at least that club and perhaps others," the mayor said of Frank's nudie joints in Seattle and elsewhere.

Frank laughed off the comment as "that Mafia malarky." In the mayor's case, "I think he's just trying to win an election," Colacurcio told the Weekly. "It's not the old days anymore. I should know."

The federal indictment revolves around prostitution in recent years at the Colacurcios' now-former nude dance clubs, valued at $4.5 million. All have been closed and forfeited to the government as part of plea-bargaining deals with the two Franks' former partners. Frank Jr. is the only one to see bars so far.

Frankie has also been embroiled in a civil dispute with one of his ex-wives over child support payments, and said he has been unable to find work since his indictment.

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