FBI Says Russian Spies Lived in Seattle, Just Not the Sexy One

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Feel that blast of frigid air? No, it's not Juneuary. It's the satisfying chill you get when the Cold War starts warring again. The FBI has accused nearly a dozen people living in America of spying for the Russians. A seven-year investigation that culminated Sunday with the arrests of 10 people, including a couple that used to live in Seattle.

Michael Zottoli and his wife Patricia Mills (pictured at right) lived in Capitol Hill until last year, when they moved to Arlington, Virginia. Zottoli and Mills' apartment was the subject of a 2006 search by the FBI, where the agency reported finding short-wave radios and notebooks filled with numbers.

Months after the search, Zottoli and Mills allegedly took a trip to rural New York, where the FBI says the couple dug up a package of money that had been buried by another one of the suspects. Months after that, the couple both graduated from the University of Washington with BAs in business.

(UW is presumably where they learned how to locate and dig up money that had been buried in the ground. I think that's one of the Gen Ed courses.)

King 5 went to Zottoli and Mills old apartment building and interviewed some former neighbors. Five bucks say they were shocked.

Ahhhhh! Floored! They were "floored!" Do I still get my five bucks?

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