Edgar Steele, Aryan Nation Lawyer, Hires Hitman to Kill Wife and Mother-in-Law

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UPDATE: In a taped jailhouse phone call, Steele tells the wife he tried to murder that he's the victim of a "'Mission Impossible'-style plot." From our sister blog True Crime Report comes the story of Edgar Steele, an Idaho lawyer known for defending hate groups like the Aryan Nation, who decided he no longer wanted to be married, or have a mother-in-law. So six months ago, he hired a hitman to whack them. It was supposed to look like a car accident.

And it was supposed to happen when Steele had a concrete alibi. Instead, that's the day the FBI arrested him at his Idaho home.

It seems this exhibition of white man superiority -- who kind of looks like a cross-dresser, doesn't he? -- had offered to pay the hitman $25,000 for the 2-for-1 murder deal. And if an insurance policy Steele held on his wife paid off, the hitter would get an additional $100,000.

Though he accepted money and agreed to the plot, the hitman either got cold feet or pangs of guilt because he called the FBI on June 9 to rat Steele out.

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Edgar Steele would have cashed a big life insurance policy had his wife met an unfortunate ending.
The FBI then wired the hitman, who twice got Steele to confess to the plot on tape. Now the lawyer's charged with conspiring to kill two white women, which is not only highly chickenshit, but most decidedly against white superiority.

It seems Steele wasn't fully counting on the hitman's skill level. On Tuesday, an unnamed woman brought his car into a lube shop. That's where workers discovered a bomb hidden underneath the vehicle. So they carefully rolled it into the street and called police, who successfully disarmed it.

Police aren't saying who put it there, but they're definitely saying it's related to the murder-for-hire plot. Our bet is little Mr. Steele placed it there just in case the hitman lost his nerve.

Before he was arrested, Steele found minor fame defending white supremacist weirdos. He also made regular appearances on cable talk shows, appearing as the token racist nutbag.

Last year, after Nazi James von Brunn shot up the Holocaust Museum in D.C., killing an elderly guard, Steele tried to justify the rampage. "Why did Von Brunn choose to unload at the National Holocaust Museum? Because it is an edifice to one of the most stupendous lies of modern times, paid for and maintained with taxpayer dollars, that's why."

Yes, a great thinker and patriot now sits in a Spokane County jail cell. And he has company.

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Larry Fairfax has admitted to planting a bomb under Cyndi Steele's car.
Because when your entire life evolves around elaborate conspiracies, you can't just kill your wife and your mother-in-law like any garden variety douchebag. It needs to be a cunning and complex plot, a feat to brag about at the annual We Can Hardly Even Spell 'Superiority' Days Parade at the Nazi compound.

So it seems Steele, once again failing to prove honky supremacy, decided to hire two hitmen to do his killing, just in case one failed.

Police have arrested a second man, Larry Andrew Fairfax, for placing a bomb under Cyndi Steele's SUV. She was heading to visit her mother in Oregon, and the plot involved detonating the bomb so she'd have an accident. But apparently these morons never realized that a bomb is rarely viewed as an accident.

And just to give Edgar Steele an alibi, Fairfax also was supposed to plant a bomb under his car, which Steele could detonate on his own to make it look as if the family was under attack. This too would be in keeping with the Nazi thesis of professional victimhood. Since they're not relevant enough for anyone else to attack, they have to attack themselves.

Naturally, Fairfax has already begun cooperating with police. He says the bomb was planted May 30, only to be discovered this week. But he further claims he intended it to malfunction for reasons unknown.

He's now charged with making and possessing bombs.

UPDATE: In two phone calls, Steele told his son and wife that the case against him was all a part of a government plot to ruin him.

Apparently Steele has a Ukranian girlfriend. And he thinks the government is using her to turn his family against him.

He told his son that the feds had intentionally left a gift from the girlfriend out where his wife would see it. Why his son would believe such nonsense is beyond us, but then our dad isn't in jail on charges that he tried to kill our mom.

Steele spun a similar yarn to his wife, telling the woman he's accused of trying to blow up that the voice on the government's taped recording isn't his. And that she has to tell a jury it's not him in order to ensure his freedom.

"I guarantee it isn't me," he told her. "I would never be so stupid to hire someone to kill you. I love you. Please, please, please, my life is in your hands now. Like a rhinoceros in the road, no matter how hard they push you, you have to do it."

Ya get the impression that Steele doesn't really know how to talk to a woman?

"Oh baby, I know they're trying to say I wanted you dead, but I need you to be strong right now. Strong like a rotund, bucktoothed jungle animal that cools itself by rubbing in the mud. Can you do that for me, baby? Can you be my rhino?"

To her credit, Cyndi Steele doesn't seem to be taking the bait, as she said very little during the phone call.

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