Driver Warning Neighbors About Car Thief Whines About Getting Cell Phone Ticket

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Brad Johnson apparently thinks the rules don't apply to him. The Marysville man is mad because a cop had the audacity to enforce the new statewide law that says you can't drive while talking on your cell phone. "I was doing the right thing," Johnson told King 5. No, Brad, you were not.

Johnson's argument is this: he was only on the phone while driving because he'd found an abandoned vehicle on his five-acre property. The second abandoned car he'd found there in a week.

"It makes you worry," Johnson said. "Grand theft auto is a serious crime. I don't want serious criminals around me and my family."

Johnson called 911 while he was still at home. But then, while driving to work, he called his neighbors to warn them that there might be a car thief on the loose. That's when he got pulled over.

The new cell phone law is a good one. And it even includes an exemption for people making emergency phone calls. But Johnson had already done that. And calling your neighbors to warn them that there may or may not be a guy stealing cars is not an emergency.

Johnson is planning on fighting his $124 ticket. Here's hoping he wins that battle, if only so that he can use the money to buy the kind of hands-free device that would have kept him out of this whole mess to begin with.

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