Dog Shit Smeared on Van of Islamic Non-Profit, Muslim Group Wants Hate Crime Designation

islamic circle of north america van.jpg
A van owner made an unfortunate discovery yesterday afternoon while leaving a Bellevue mosque after noon prayers. Dog shit had been smeared all over the windshield, windows and door handle of his Ford Cargo Van that looks a lot like the one pictured at right. The van's owner works for the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), a somewhat controversial conservative Muslim advocacy group headquartered in Queens, New York.

The Washington State chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wants the dog poop-smearing investigated as a hate crime. "Any time someone is discriminated against we want someone to stand up and speak against it," says Executive Director Arsalan Bukhari.

Bukhari says the van's driver notified Seattle police. And a letter has been sent on CAIR's behalf to the F.B.I.

Making heads or tails of whether or not ICNA is a harmless group focused on constructive outreach with the non-Islamic community or a terrorist-aiding threat to America's national security is a question no one blog post can answer. But controversial or not, dog shit does not belong on anyone's van.

Bukhari says he'll have photos of the offending smears later this afternoon. We'll update when we get them.

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