Dino Rossi Was For Earmarks Before He Was Against Them

pork steaks.jpg
All politicians love the taste of the other white meat, even if they're hesitant to admit it.
Republican Senatorial candidate Dino Rossi said recently that should he be elected he'd reject stimulus grants for Washington and work to eliminate federal earmarks for local projects.

"It's the old school measure of a good senator in what you drug home," Rossi told the P-I.

How old school? Try three years.

As PubliCola reports, Rossi wasn't so down on earmarks back in 2007, when the Everett Aquasox -- a minor-league baseball team of which Rossi was a part owner -- got $433,000 out of the state budget to upgrade its stadium. A piece of pork that actually drew the ire of Washington Policy Center, a conservative think-tank and normally a Rossi supporter.

For more candidate hypocrisy check out this post on Clint Didier, the farmer who hates government except when its paying him to raise his crops.

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