Dewoyne Lowe Claims Cops Beat Him Bloody

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A 2007 arrest at a Queen Anne Dick's left Dewoyne Lowe with a concussion and large cuts to his face that required stitches. Now three years later, Lowe is suing the Seattle police department for excessive force.

And to make matters more interesting, the officer he says beat him up was most recently featured in the nationally-infamous face-stomping video.

According to court documents, Lowe was upset at a Dick's security guard at the time of his arrest. The guard told Lowe the restauarant was closed even though others were being served.

After the guard tried to push him, Lowe's attorney tells KOMO that his client tried to walk away. It was then that Officer Camilo Depina pulled up in his squad car, cutting off Lowe.

Lowe shortly after his arrest.
Depina allegedly slammed Lowe's face head-first into the ground, cuffed him and threw him onto the hood of the patrol car. The cop then allegedly punched Lowe in the groin and repeatedly slammed his head into the restaurant counter, all while another officer watched.

"This display of police power was completely uncalled for given that Mr. Lowe was walking away from the restaurant and clearly not interested in escalating the situation in any way," says Lowe's attorney John Kannin.

Depina was one of several Seattle police caught on tape watching Officer Shandy Cobane stomp on the face of an innocent man lying on the ground. The tape went viral, and led to an internal investigation of Cobane and the resignation of Q13's news director.

Obviously it's a little hinky that Lowe is just now coming forward with his civil suit. But considering Kannin added that Depina's actions were "part of a pattern of excessive force and police misconduct within the department," it's probably not too far-fetched too think that he and his client are striking while the iron is hot -- or, to put a finer point on it, while the department is even more eager than usual to avoid bad press.

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