Colton Harris-Moore, Philanthropist?

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Colton Harris-Moore has been pegged as a misguided, albeit elusive, public nuisance. But did you know that he also has a soft spot for animals? Police in Raymond, Washington say that the Barefoot Burglar took a moment in his busy police evading schedule to make a charitable donation to a local animal hospital.

Raymond Police Chief Ken Boyes tells the Seattle Times that finger-prints recovered at the Vetters Animal Hospital in far-flung Pacific County belong to Colton Harris-Moore. The barefooted one dropped $100 and a handwritten note on the hospital's doorstep sometime during Memorial day weekend, says Boyes. Colton's message:

"Drove by, had some extra cash. Please use this money for the care of anmals[sic]."

Where he got the money, Boyes couldn't say. As Caleb reported earlier, Harris-Moore has been named as a suspect in series of thefts in small-town Oregon, all of which reek of Colton. Boyes believes that Harris-Moore stopped in Raymond before making his way south. But there's no indication that he committed any crimes during his stay, says the chief.

Given Colton's M.O., it's unlikely that he obtained the money by legitimate means. But even if he is making charitable donations with other people's money, this is the first action he's taken to dispel that perception that he's anything more than a delinquent since walking away from a Renton juvenile detention facility two years ago. Investigators now suspect Harris-Moore may be in Idaho.

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