8-Year-Olds Hospitalized After Drinking Vial of PCP

The only people who do PCP anymore are time-capusled beat poets who haven't yet heard of meth. Oh, and if you're going to get technical about it, two eight-year-old cousins in Renton who found a vial filled with yellow liquid on a playground outside of their school and, kids being kids, decided to put the unknown substance in their mouths.

One of the cousins poured out half the liquid into his hand and licked it. The other then drank what was left in the vial.

When the boys got home one of their moms found the empty vial in her son's pocket. Apparently equipped with the drug-sniffing prowess of a trained German Shepherd, the mom then sniffed the vial and whisked the kids off to the hospital, later telling police it had smelled of PCP.

(Note to authorities: PCP-filled playgrounds may be of lesser concern than the mom who can differentiate one drug from another by scent.)

Once at the hospital, physicians confirmed that the boys had indeed ingested the drug. Hopefully making them the only kids at Kennydale Elementary to have personal knowledge of the effects of Angel Dust.

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