You Give Paul Allen $172 Million, You Get Biggest Boat at Seafair Log Boom

$172 million would buy a lot of free agents for the Seahawks.
Uh, maybe Paul Allen now wishes he'd held on to more Microsoft stock? And maybe invested more money in South Lake Union rather than Charter Communications? Still one of the region's wealthiest citizens, though his net worth has fallen by a third to around $13 billion, the Microsoft co-founder has put one of his three yachts on the block, TechFlash tells us.

He's asking $172 million for the 10-year-old Tatoosh. As we reported last year, he's been chartering the boat recently, waiting for the market to rebound and defraying its substantial operating cost. At 300 feet, it occupies the middle position between Allen's 414-foot Octopus and his 200-foot Meduse (the Prius of the stable).

What do you get for your $172 million? (Here's the listing.) The 2,300-ton Tatoosh comes equipped with a 43-foot sailboat, 10 bedrooms, cinema, swimming pool, and two helicopter decks. It carries up to 50 people, including the crew and staff you'd need to hire to serve your caviar and champagne at Seafair. (Meanwhile, Allen could spend his cash windfall on springing Plaxico Burress out of jail to add to the Seahawks roster.)

But if no local buyer can be found, maybe the state could step up and make it a posh, passenger-only ferry to Bremerton. We're guessing the Tatoosh already has Wi-Fi.

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