State Boards Protect Vets, Not Pet Owners

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Our reader thinks the deck is stacked against pet owners.
Reader Julie Catalano responds to Kenneth and Nonna Newman, Former Owners of Euthanized Pekingese, Fail in Their Efforts to Get Vet Disciplined.

"Add me to Ken and Nonna Newman's fans for standing up to the unconscionable bullies at the state level who choose to put our pets in harm's way rather than hold any of these 'doctors' fully accountable for their misdeeds. Those of us fighting in this field for many years are fully aware of the travesty that veterinary boards are.

"First, they are nothing more than the sock puppets of the vets' professional organizations such as the AVMA and others, and as such, are 'honor' bound to protect the vets' interests over those of the very clients who pay vets' salaries -- talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Boards are supposed to be protecting the pet-owning public, NOT the vets who use their legal, political, and legislative clout to get their way."

"Next, if you think the boards offer a level playing field, you need a reality check: The deck is consistently stacked at EVERY level AGAINST the complainant. Don't believe me? Check the disciplinary record in my state -- Texas -- where 92 percent of the vet mal complaints to the board are dismissed in spite of overwhelming absolute PROOF of malpractice in some cases.

"Finally, if you think an attorney of Adam Karp's standing would get involved in a case involving nothing more than 'euthanizer's remorse,' you are mistaken. I've never met or corresponded with Mr. Karp, but he is formidable in the field of animal law and when not even he can make these buffoons at the state level do the right thing, what hope do the rest of us have?

"I fought for three years after my complaint was dismissed trying to get it reopened to no avail -- and it should STILL be reopened even now with all of the PROOF and expert testimony regarding what was done to my cat Suki at the hands of a true monster who was exonerated by only ONE reviewing board vet despite mountains of PROOF of mistreatment and clear violations of the board's own statutes. Trali's case is equally tragic, and I commend Ken and Nonna Newman for standing up to their own monsters -- including a completely corrupt, apathetic, and disgraceful board system that perpetuates its own selfish agenda at the expense of our precious pets' lives.

"I do thank you for covering this important subject, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. These tragedies are taking place at state levels every day with vets enjoying the highest level of protection while our pets lay dying."

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