Valerie Tran Leaves Her 3-Year-Old Son in the Car for More Than Eight Hours so She Can Gamble

Even if you're not gambling away their college savings, it's still never a good idea to leave a kid in a car.
Valerie Tran may be the only person in the world who doesn't understand the concept of a babysitter.

Cops say the 32-year-old Clackamas, Oregon mom drove up with her three-year-old son to Chips Palace and Restaurant Casino in Lakewood at the frightfully-early hour of 4 a.m. Instead of dropping the tyke off at daycare, however, Tran decided he'd be best served spending the day locked inside her Lincoln Navigator.

Around 1:30 p.m., nearly eight hours later, a casino security guard overheard a child crying. Inside he found Tran's son with a soiled diaper and only a cup of spoiled milk to sustain him.

The SUV's windows were rolled all the way up. And despite the relatively cool air outside, the temperature inside the vehicle was 85 degrees and climbing.

It took two calls over the casino intercom for Tran to walk away from the tables, cash her chips and attend to her kid. When she went outside she was incredulous. And drunk.

"Why is this such a big deal?" she asked.

Tran told police she had checked on the boy every few hours and thought he was OK because he was asleep. Apparently neglecting to remember that most kids have kid-sized bladders and get scared when mommy is gone for half the day.

Cops near the casino tell the Tacoma News-Tribune that they deal with the kids-in-the-car scenario a couple times a year. Unlike Tran, most parents only leave their kids unattended for an hour two. "But not even close to this magnitude, this length of time," Sgt. Jerry Lester told the paper.

Typically the misdemeanor infraction only carries with it a light fine. But because Tran was too drunk to drive, and because she'd shown herself to be such a shitty mom, officers called protective services and jailed her until she was able to sober up.

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