The Arizona Law: Seattle Nay, Tacoma Yea

That new KING-TV Survey USA poll showing Seattleites opposed to the new Arizona immigration law runs drastically counter to the less-scientific Dori Monson/KIRO radio poll we mentioned last week. KIRO's website visitors voted 9-1 in favor of the show-me-your-papers law, while KING's Seattle respondents disfavored it roughly 6-4.

In Tacoma, where the City Council yesterday approved a measure similar to that of Seattle's City Council, voicing opposition to the Arizona statute, the KING result was closer to that of Monson's poll: Tacomans favor the law 6-4. KING's respondents weren't necessarily any more or less credible than Monson's. As one said in a TV interview, somewhat off point about the fairness of the law: "I'm really for our own people. It's not like I'm prejudiced or anything, but I think we need to help our own that's here first."

The Arizona law has prodded the White House to do more (1,200 additional troops have just been ordered to the border). As CNN's Anderson Cooper notes: "It [the border] will still be a sieve." Still, a good start for a bad law.

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