Steve Kraycik, Q13 Fox News Director, Resigns After Face-Stomp Fallout

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Staffers told the P-I that Kraycik announced his resignation this morning.
Casey McNerthney at the P-I has out-scooped everyone with word that Steve Kraycik, news director for Q13 Fox, has resigned days after the station apologized for sitting on a video of suspected police brutality.

Shandy Cobane's face-stomp of a still-anonymous Hispanic man was the first wave of controversy. The follow-up came when the freelance videographer who shot the footage accused Q13 of not airing it because it'd damage its relationship with police and its chief moneymaker, "Washington's Most Wanted."

Earlier this week, Q13 released a tepid defense of its decision to sit on the tape. A statement that argued against the insinuation that the station suppressed the tape by admitting to suppressing the tape.

Kraycik had served as news director since 2006. He has yet to return calls for comment.

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