Stabbing Suspect Found Hiding in Smelliest Part of Porta-Potty

porta potty.JPG
Attention criminals: nothing about this says "clean getaway."
Let's say you've just committed a crime. Where's the first place you'd hide? OK. Now where's the last place?

If you said the "hold" of a porta-potty, congratulations, you've just come to the exact opposite conclusion as one Snohomish County stabbing suspect.

Our hero started his day by getting into a fight with a friend, then putting a knife in his buddy's stomach. Logic not being his strong suit, the suspect then decided to hide where no one would ever think to look: a port-a-john next to a school playground.

Unfortunately for the man, a witness saw him enter the commode but never come out. So that when police arrived, finding him took nothing more than a lift of the lid (and a hold of the nose).

Cops then arrested the suspect on suspicion of first-degree assault. They didn't put him in the back of a squad car, however, until members of the fire department made their way to the scene, providing what had to have been a very necessary public hose-down.

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