Reader: University of Washington President's Job is a Hard Sell

mark emmert relaxed.jpg
Our reader thinks finding a replacement for Mark Emmert won't be easy.
Reader Patrick responds to Who Mark Emmert's Replacement at the University of Washington Should Be.

"Emmert should be a lesson to the regents. Get someone who really cares about UW, not someone looking for a career stepping stone. Even paying the person stepping on you a million bucks a year is not going to keep them from moving on to the next stone, probably at the worst possible time.

"How is UW going to recruit someone now? Please come and take charge of our university... we can't afford to pay you as much as your predecessor. Our state shows every sign of continuing to cut public support. You'll probably have to cut the Husky Promise (tuition free for poor students). You'll probably have to cut whole departments. Most people will blame you for the cuts. Recruiting someone under these conditions will be quite a hard sell."

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