Reader: Sam Malkandi's Son Asks President Obama to Help Free His Dad

Arvin with his dad after the fall of Baghdad.
Reader Arvin Malkandi, the 12-year-old son of a detained Kurdish immigrant, responds to

Sam Malkandi, Detained for Years Due to Al-Qaida Connection, Tells Government to Deport Him or Let Him Go

"This is Arvin Malkandi 12 years old. When I came to America I was 6 months old. I was a refugee. I was in 2nd grade when ice took away my dad in front of my eyes. I was shaking.

"My dad is in detention until now and I would like to tell how I visit my dad. I call him dadoo. I go every Sunday for 4 years and 8 months. Every Sunday I go to visit my dadoo through a thick window with a telephone we are talking to each other. We always talk first about school and my friends and sports. We love football and basketball and he encouraged me to play football but now I like basketball. Now he loves basketball because of me."

"We talk about cars because I love cars and we talk about movies. He asks me what movie I saw. He said when he is free he will come to my basketball games. I cry too because for 4 years and 8 months we come and my dadoo is in detention.

"Each year ice+ tries to deport my dad to Iraq. Then we both cry. We can't talk. I go with my mom to Patty Murray and I couldn't talk because I cried. I said please free my dad. I'm happy that I fight for my dad. I got to hug my dad and I was so happy I was going to hug my dad but my heart told me that he was going away from me and I have to say I love you Dadoo and goodbye.

"My mom got me from school and said there was an angel on the plane who told him to get off the plane! So I got to see my dadoo again today. Can anyone send my message to President Obama and free my dad?"

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